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The following brochures are available at your nearby AAA North Jersey office in Secaucus, Fair Lawn, Wayne and Oradell. They are free to AAA members. This is a listing of our most popular brochures.

Available at your nearby AAA North Jersey office in:

Wayne (973) 956-2200
418 Hamburg Turnpike

To be sure the brochure in which you are interested is available, please call ahead. For a complete listing of office hours, locations and phone numbers, click Office Locations and Information.

FRAGILE: TRANSPORT SAFELY A Guide to Child Safety Seats

This brochure includes sections on why child safety seats are needed, how to select the best safety seat for your child, what kind of child seats are available, how to install the seats properly and other key points that will help you maximize your safety options.

DEFENSIVE DRIVING: Managing Visibility, Time and Space

This brochure will help readers to manage visibility, space and time; determine a 2- to 3-second following distance; identify the purpose of the 4- to 5-second rule and 20 to 30-second visual lead time and to identify the three techniques necessary for efficient lateral positioning.

CRASH PROTECTION: For People Who Enjoy Living

This brochure provides essential information on the use of safety belts and how air bags can help protect you in an accident. The brochure reveals important statistics, why you need crash protection, how air bags and safety belts work, safety belt adjustment by type and more.


If bright lights have bothered you when you drive at night you are not alone. This new AAA Foundation for traffic safety brochure will provide you with the right strategies and techniques to reduce nighttime glare.


This brochure reviews the problem of drinking and driving. It includes important information on types of drinkers, how quickly alcohol takes effect and the effects of alcohol on drivers. A chart also reveals the increased probability of a collision and the relative rate of a fatal crash in relation to the increase in BAC (blood alcohol content).

PREVENTING ROAD RAGE: How to Avoid Aggressive Driving

The best way to ward off "road rage" is to avoid it altogether. Things such as cutting off other motorists, driving slowly in the left lane, tailgating and gesturing can precipitate a violent incident. These topics plus others will help you to prevent an unwanted incident.

GET A GRIP!: Wet Weather Driving Techniques

Get A Grip! offers some very useful information including a pre-season checkup, driver preparation, driving in poor visibility and the most important feature: skills for driving with reduced traction. It also includes a National Rainfall Characteristics map.

PAY ATTENTION: Stay focused on the road at all times

Although driving seems almost second nature to many seasoned motorists, it's still a skill that requires constant, complex coordination between mind and body. Staying focused helps ensure that you and those on the road with you stay safe.

WAKE UP!: About Drowsy Driving

Learn about your "biological time" and the many falsehoods of sleep and staying awake. You will also find out if you are in "sleep debt" and danger signals for drowsy drivers. A simple test will tell you just how safe of a sleeper you are.


This brochure provides in-depth information on the role and importance of traffic-control devices, the meaning of the three types of traffic signs, the role of traffic-control signals and how pavement markings are used for traffic safety.


A bicycle is a source of pride and a symbol of independence and freedom. Riding a bicycle is also fun but sometimes bicyclists forget that a bicycle is not a toy - it is a vehicle. You can minimize risk, maximize fun and enjoy the freedom of bicycling by understanding three important things: How to operate and maintain your bike, how to wear proper safety gear, and how to operate your bike safely.


The AAA pamphlet "How To Go On Ice and Snow" provides well-illustrated, easy to read information that will aid you in being a safe and efficient driver despite adverse winter weather. The pamphlet includes driver preparation, winter driving techniques and additional tips and precautions regarding winter driving.