Community Services

Leglislative & Legal Benefits

AAA continually evaluates and responds to legislation and regulatory measures that directly affect motorists and travelers. Our concern is to protect your interests as a motorist, to insure that automobile drivers are not the target of discriminatory legislation and to promote safer and more efficient transportation.

Notary Public

Free Notary Public Service is available to members at all AAA North Jersey offices. There is no charge and no delay. Each member is entitled to have up to five documents notarized at one time.

Legal Service Reimbursement

If you believe that you have been improperly charged with a motor vehicle violation and plead "not guilty" in court, AAA North Jersey will reimburse your attorney fees up to the limits specified in the following schedule:

  • For defense in Death By Auto cases, not exceeding $500; if appealed, not more than an additional $250
  • For defense in Reckless Driving cases, not exceeding $100; if appealed, not more than an additional $50
  • Other motor vehicle violations, $75; if appealed, not more than an additional $50.

Reimbursement for the above offenses will be made irrespective of the final verdict. Reimbursement for the offenses of leaving the scene of an accident, driving with a suspended or revoked license or speeding will not be made if the member is found guilty of the offense. No reimbursement will be made when the official charge is, or includes, driving while under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics, irrespective of the final verdict.

If you are charged with more than one traffic violation, reimbursement will be made for one charge only.