Summer Car Care Maintenance

Date: Jun 18, 2017

In life, there are right ways and wrong ways to deal with unexpected problems. Putting them off until another day is not a good way to keep on top of things. Procrastination only tends to make problems grow bigger. The same is true for keeping your car spic-and-span and in tip-top shape. Having a professional service or dealership detail your car is often pricey. Luckily, we have seven spring car care maintenance tips that won't put you in the poor house. Read on to learn how you can deep clean inside your car and get ready for those summer getaways.

Deep Clean Inside Your Car. Getting the outside of an automobile clean of dirt and pollen and tree sap is a rite of spring. During the winter, it is more convenient to use the automatic car wash but, in spring and summer, washing your faithful chariot by hand with your favorite cleaner, a soft cloth, backyard hose, and a chamois is the best method.

In some ways, though, winter is harder on the inside of your car. Once you've done your duty getting the outside sparkling, we have seven ways that you can deep clean inside your car and get results at least as good as expensive dealership detailing.

  • • Use one of those little foam brushes you can buy at the hardware store to grab the dust in-between the slats of your AC/heater vents. Vacuum as you brush the dust to prevent merely moving dust from one place to another.

  • • If you have kids or pets, you probably have sticky or dried on substances on your vinyl and leather appointments that you don't even want to ask what they were in a former life. Use a magic eraser cleaner to wipe them off with ease.

  • • If you have a leather dashboard, you won't believe the wonders olive oil will do to make the leather look like new with a nice sheen -- and, for those wanting to keep it "green", olive oil is environmentally friendly. Caution: Do not use on the steering wheel cover.

  • • Removing wax from carpets or fabric seat covers does not pose an insolvable problem. You just need access to an electric outlet, an iron, and butcher block paper. Just plug the iron into an outlet, put a piece of butcher block paper over the crayon, and apply the iron to the paper covering the spot. The crayon wax will melt into the paper to remove the wax in one-step. Don't overheat, though. You do not want to scorch the crayon or wax into the carpet or seat cover.

  • • When trying to make those floor mats look like new, spray them with the same stain remover that you use on your laundry and then toss them into the washing machine. You'll love the way it handles stains and the super-clean smell.

  • • Use a small stiff brush while you vacuum your car's upholstery to get all the little crumbs from the seams and especially from the hard-to-clean crevices of the door frames, and the seat frames.

  • • For an extra clean car smell, lightly wipe down the upholstery and carpeting with a blend of baking soda and any essential oil fragrance that you like. If you shampoo the upholstery with a "green" soap first, try not to saturate the material and let it dry before applying the essential oil treatment.

Now that you have the outside of your vehicle gleaming and the upholstery and carpets smelling like new, this would be a great time to check out those tires. Spring and summer are great times for impromptu traveling and you don't want to take a chance on bald tires when you are straddling winding mountain roadways.

To learn Triple A's car cleaning tips, read the article entitled "Car Cleaning and Detailing Tips."

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