I just joined AAA online. When will I receive my membership card and when can I access the Members' Only information and services?

Upon submitting your on-line membership application, you will receive your membership card in five to 15 business days. Once you receive your membership number, you will only then be able to use all our "Members Only" online services.

When am I eligible for Emergency Road Service and other important services?

You are eligible for AAA's Emergency Road Service 48 business hours after submitting your on-line application. To request ERS, please call the appropriate phone numbers listed on the Emergency Road Service Guidelines page.

I'm a member. Why can't I log on to the Members' Only sites?

You need to register as a new user. If you haven't already registered, the registration page will automatically come up when you try to access a Members' Only site. Please register in the section that asks 'Are you new to AAA online?' and click on 'Go to the free registration.' You must pass up the section that asks 'Do you already have an on-line account?' Many members go to sign up in this box which is looking for the user id and password of those who have previously registered. Be sure to go on to the next section. Remember, your user id is not your membership number, it's the name you give yourself as a registered user of this site. Don't expect to access the Members' Only pages by entering your membership number in the user id box.

Keep in mind that you cannot register as a new user, and therefore cannot access the Members' Only site, until you receive your valid AAA membership number. It will be printed on your new card which will come in five to 15 days from the date of your on-line application.

But I did register and I'm still not getting on to the Members' Only sites. What could be wrong?

If you're sure you registered properly, it is possible the site is under maintenance. AAA performs routine maintenance from time to time which could cause some brief disturbances. If you experience some difficulties, please try to log on again in a few minutes.

I've tried registering with several different names, but it keeps telling me that the name I submit is already in use. What should I do?

Send an e-mail to describing your problem. We will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

Can I change my user id and password? How?

Sure. Just click on the 'Your Account' button at the top of each page and update your account accordingly.

How does the automatic login work?

You can select automatic login when you register as a new user. When you select automatic login, your browser stores your login information on your computer. These stored pieces of information are called cookies. Each time you visit this site, we will read the login information stored on your computer and use it to log you in automatically.


Why can't I locate Walt DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida?

This simple fact comes as quite a shock to a lot of people: Walt DisneyWorld is actually in Lake Buena Vista, not Orlando. You must enter Lake Buena Vista — and not Orlando — on the TourBook Info Lookup page to find Walt DisneyWorld.

How current are the prices?

All information was reviewed for accuracy before its most recent on-line publication. However, changes often occur between updates. We regret any inconvenience resulting from some instances, but they are beyond our control. Please use the phone numbers in the listings if you wish to confirm prices.

Annually, lodging operators are asked to update rates, discounts and rate options for AAA members. Properties are not required to offer a discount to be listed. However, if they choose to offer a minimum 10 percent discount, the 'SAVE' icon appears in the listing. If the property chooses not to offer a discount, then one of the following rate options must be selected:

Guaranteed Rates. The establishment guarantees AAA members will not be charged more than the maximum rates listed in the AAA TourBook guide or this database. To receive these rates you must identify yourself as an AAA member and request the AAA guaranteed rate when making reservations. Show your AAA membership card at registration and verify the rate.

Rates Subject to Change. The listed rates are the establishment's estimated charges for the periods noted. The actual rates charged may be higher than those listed but are guaranteed not to exceed a 15-percent increase.


Lodgings may temporarily increase their room rates or modify their policies during a special event or for those traveling as part of a group or convention. Examples of such events range from Mardi Gras to the Kentucky Derby to college football games, holidays and state fairs. At these times the rate options do not apply.

Senior Discount. Some establishments offer the senior discount with either the Guaranteed Rates option or the Rates Subject to Change option. Where the words 'Senior Discount' are included in a listing, a minimum discount of 10 percent off the prevailing or guaranteed rate is available to AAA members who are 60 years of age or older. You must identify yourself as an AAA member and request the Senior Discount when making reservations. The senior discount may not be used in conjunction with other discounts and might not apply during special events.

Rates. Rates are for typical rooms, not special units. Rates do not include taxes. Multiple rate lines are used to indicate a seasonal rate difference.

What are Official Appointment properties?

Lodgings approved by AAA are eligible for our Official Appointment Program, which permits the display and advertising of the AAA emblem. Official Appointment properties have shown a special interest in serving AAA members. This helps our members find accommodations on which they can depend.

Do these listings come with the AAA approval standard?

AAA inspectors carefully evaluate every lodging establishment listed in this database (except for Bed & Breakfast inns). AAA monitors member satisfaction through your comments and surveys. AAA rating criteria reflect your needs and expectations and the design and service standards determined by the lodging industry. Additionally, we maintain an open dialogue with individual establishment operators, the American Hotel and Motel Association and most major lodging chains.

What is the criteria for lodging evaluations?

Regardless of the diamond rating, properties listed by AAA are required to provide clean and well-maintained facilities throughout, a hospitable staff and a well-kept appearance.

Each guest room is also required to have comfortable beds and good quality bedding, locks on all doors and windows; comfortable furnishing and pleasant decor; smoke detectors; adequate towels and supplies; at least one chair; and adequate illumination at each task area.

How does the AAA Diamond rating system work?

Before we allow a property to be listed by AAA, it must satisfy a set of minimum standards that reflect the basic lodging needs AAA members have identified. If a property meets those requirements, it is assigned a diamond rating reflecting the overall quality of the establishment. The ratings range from one to five diamonds and reflect the physical and service standards typically found at each diamond level.

Ratings are assigned to the property classification. The classification represents the physical design and level of services provided by the property. For example, a motel offers limited services and recreational facilities. A resort hotel offers extensive guest services and recreational facilities. By assigning ratings according to classification, AAA compares properties to like properties.

What do the different diamond ratings represent?

Although one diamond is AAA's minimum rating, a one-diamond property is still better than one-third of the lodgings in operation, since the majority of unlisted properties do not meet AAA's minimum standards.

Lodgings with a one-diamond rating provide good but modest accommodations. Establishments are functional, emphasizing clean and comfortable rooms. They must meet the basic needs of privacy and cleanliness. Rates are generally economical.

The two-diamond rated lodging maintains the attributes offered at the one-diamond level, while showing marked enhancements in decor and furnishings. They may be recently constructed or older properties, both targeting the needs of a budget-oriented traveler.

Establishments rated three diamond offer a degree of sophistication. Additional amenities, services and facilities may be offered. There is a noticeable upgrade in physical attributes, services and comfort.

Excellent properties displaying a high level of service and hospitality are given a four-diamond rating. These properties offer a wide variety of amenities and upscale facilities -- inside the room, on the grounds and in the public areas.

Lodgings awarded five diamonds are renowned. They exhibit an exceptionally high degree of service; striking luxurious facilities; and many extra amenities. Guest services are executed and presented in a flawless manner. The guest is pampered by a very professional, attentive staff. The facilities and operation help set the standards in hospitality and service.

Why are some lodgings listed without a diamond rating?

A few properties are listed without a rating. They were either under construction or undergoing such a substantial renovation at publication time that it was impossible to assign an accurate rating. In addition, an 'FYI' rating indicates a property that has not been inspected or does not meet the minimum listing requirements. The property is listed as a member service only.

Does the same standard apply to the attractions?

Any attraction with a separate heading has been approved by an AAA inspector or designated AAA representative. An attraction's quality is reflected in the length and scope of its general description. Starred attractions are of exceptional interest and quality.

Are all prices listed in U.S. dollars?

Prices pertaining to attractions in the United States are quoted in U.S. dollars, Canadian province and territory attraction prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

How do I find attractions in a particular city or area?

Attractions are listed under the name of the nearest community; in most cases the distances given are computed from the center of town, unless otherwise specified, using the following highway designations: I (interstate highway), US (federal highway), Hwy (Canadian highway), SR (state route), CR (county road), FM (farm to market road), FR (forest road), MM (mile marker).

How is the information listed?

Descriptive information about the attraction follows the location description. Next are the days, hours and seasons the attraction is open. These may be preceded by a suggested minimum visiting time. Following are admission prices quoted without sales tax; children under the lowest age specified are admitted free when accompanied by an adult. Days, months and age groups written with a hyphen are inclusive.

How does Discounts & Rewards work?

Your AAA membership card is the key to reduced prices at many attractions because they value your patronage and respect the AAA name. The Discounts & Rewards icon indicates the attraction offers a reduced admission for at least one of their rate categories for AAA members; in other words, the attraction may or may not offer an across-the-board discount to all age groups. Participating attractions individually determine the terms of the discount they offer. The discount may not apply if any other price reduction is offered or if tickets are purchased through an outlet other that the attraction's ticket office. Whether or not a listing shows a discount, present your valid AAA membership card when purchasing a ticket; some attractions not formally enrolled in the program may still give members a discount.

Travel Agency

What services does AAA Travel offer?

Your nearby AAA North Jersey Travel Agency is your one-stop, full-service travel agency. Services include:

  • Personalized counseling and trip planning for cruises, tours and all your travel plans
  • Airline reservations and ticketing
  • Amtrak and international rail tickets
  • Hotel and resort reservations
  • AAA/Hertz car rental discounts
  • Foreign guidebooks and maps at special prices
  • No-cost $100,000 travel accident insurance with airline tickets
  • Free AAA cruise and tour default protection
  • Low-cost passport photos
  • TripAssist Travel Insurance

When am I eligible for Emergency Road Service and other important services?

You are eligible for AAA's Emergency Road Service 48 business hours after submitting your on-line application. To request ERS, please call the appropriate phone numbers listed on the Emergency Road Service Guidelines page.

Do AAA members receive discounts on airline tickets?

Not only do AAA members automatically receive $100,000 in travel accident insurance at no cost when they purchase airline tickets through AAA, but they also receive special discounts on selected airlines and city pairs. In areas where there are no special discounts, we will attempt to match our members with the best fare for their itinerary.

Does AAA offer discounts on cruises and tours?

AAA Travel offers a variety of cruise and tour programs featuring exclusive member savings and value-added benefits.

Do I have to be an AAA member to get discounts on cruises and tours?

This is one of the many areas where it definitely pays to belong! Although members and non-members can use AAA Travel, some discounts are only available to members.

Are my funds safeguarded in the event of a cruise or tour operator going bankrupt?

Most cruises and tours booked with AAA Travel automatically include, at no additional costs, tour and cruise default protection. This protection covers travel interruption and cancellation if the vendor defaults for financial reasons.

Does AAA Travel issue passports?

Only the U.S. State Department can issue passports. It is also possible to apply for a passport at major U.S. Post Offices. Low-cost passport photos are available in all AAA Travel Offices.


Can I actually book and purchase a ticket on this site?

Yes! This web site offers a fully-functional, web-based travel reservation service designed especially for AAA members.

What if there is a problem with my ticket?

You can call our travel agency during business hours and a travel agent will be able to look and see if your ticket was actually reserved. For a listing of office hours, locations and phone numbers, click here.

How will I get my tickets?

If your departure is more than seven business days after your date of purchase, you will receive your paper tickets via regular mail within seven business days. If your departure is three to seven business days after your purchase, your paper tickets will arrive via express delivery service as indicated on the 'Confirmation' page. You also have the option to pick up your ticket at one of our AAA North Jersey branch offices provided at the time of booking. If these options do not meet your needs, you can select to have an AAA travel agent contact you to make special arrangements.

Will I have to give credit card information over the web?

Yes and no. To join AAA as a new member, a credit card is required. However to make travel reservations you have a choice. To lock in your reservation, you will need to supply credit card information, however you also have the option on the final booking pages to send the unfinished booking to an AAA travel agent to complete the transaction. In this case, you are not required to enter your credit card information. An AAA travel agent will call you to complete the reservation.

Why should I use this web site instead of using a traditional travel agent?

AAA is committed to making the same high level of member service available on the Internet as we do in over 1,100 branch offices across the United States and Canada. This web site provides access to these member services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can expect the same level of trust and comfort booking your travel through this web site that you have come to expect from our local branch offices. As an AAA member you will also have access to the familiar AAA travel resources such as TourBook Guides, TripTik routings and much more. AAA members also have access to exclusive discounts, so you can book your travel knowing that you have not overlooked a great deal.

Why should I use this web site over another internet travel service?

This web site is designed especially for AAA members, integrating traditional AAA resources such as TourBook Guides and TripTik routings, with the online travel reservation process. You will also have access to special members savings available only through AAA travel agencies and this web site. Most of all, you'll be traveling with someone you trust.

How do I find the lowest fares?

Our reservation system gives you direct access to the same powerful Apollo database used by professional travel agents worldwide. The suggestions below will help you use the system to find the lowest fares. These guidelines are not absolute and may not apply in each and every situation but, by following them, you increase your likelihood of finding the right fare for you:

Stay over a Saturday night. Staying past midnight on Saturday night can result in significant savings. However, occasionally a low fare will be introduced that does not require a minimum stay. This usually occurs in shuttle markets such as San Francisco to Los Angeles, or Boston to Washington.

Buy in Advance. The advance purchase schedule spans from 21 days to three days. You can usually secure the least expensive domestic and international fares 21 days in advance. For domestic flights, there are a 14-day advance fares and airlines occasionally offer three-day advance fares as well.

Use the same carrier for all flight segments.When making more than simple one-way or round-trip reservations, try to use the same airline for all segments of your trip. Choosing 'no preference' as your airline preference is a good way to figure our which airlines offer flights for all segments of your trip. Many times on international itineraries, two or more airlines are necessary to cover all flight segments. This is an exception to the above rule, although even here you may benefit if you can find a consistent carrier.

Pick the right days of the week. Travel on certain days of the week can be cheaper than on others. Currently, for most airlines, it's cheapest to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (except when a Saturday night stay over is required). If you have the flexibility, try modifying the dates to find the lowest fares available.

Avoid holidays. Traveling during the holidays is notoriously expensive. Most airlines have black-out days around popular holidays. Not only are the fares more expensive, but often you cannot use frequent flyer miles during these periods. Ironically, the day of the actual holiday (e.g. Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, etc.) is commonly not a blackout day and seats are often available right up to the last minute. Flying on the day of a major holiday can sometimes be a way around poor availability and expensive fares.

Consider frequent flyer programs. Make sure that you are registered with the frequent flyer program of any airline that you fly. When making reservations, keep in mind that it may be a better idea in the long run to consistently fly with the same airline and accumulate frequent flyer miles rather than always selecting whichever airline has the lowest fare.

I know there's a flight on this airline at this time, but this site doesn't list it. Why not?

We only show those flights that have seats available. If we don't show it, it's because all seats on the flight for which you're looking have already been sold.

Why aren't Southwest and Vanguard airlines on your service?

Airlines must pay to participate in a reservation system such as Apollo (which is the system behind this web site). In order to save money, some airlines choose not to participate in reservation systems. Whether your are a travel agent or a customer, the only way you can make a reservation on these airlines is by calling them directly.

I'm confused about multi-destination booking.

Let's say you're traveling from Denver to Portland to San Francisco to New York and then finally back to Denver. On the multiple destination page, you would fill in Denver as your home airport, then list Portland in the first destination field, San Francisco in the second destination field and New York in third destination field. You'll input Denver -- your final destination -- in the next field, leaving now blank fields in between.

Why did the fare change at purchase time?

This web site uses a real-time reservation database, the same used by travel agents worldwide, listing actual ticket prices and availability. As airlines fill flights or change fares, the database immediately reflects those changes. Always be sure to double-check prices when reserving or purchasing tickets, as the fare may have changed since you first searched for fares or created your itinerary.

When I search for a best-priced flight, why do I sometimes get a lower price if I choose a specific airline than when I search through all airlines?

This site is designed to find an inexpensive flight closest to the time you would prefer to depart. When you request a search for all flights from all airlines, the site searches through a smaller selection of flights from each airline for a shorter span of time. (In other words, if you specify that you want to depart at 2 p.m., the search might look at all flights from all airlines between noon and 4 p.m.) If you specify only one airline, we'll look at a broader range of flights throughout the day from one carrier. (Because one airline's flights are spread out through the day, the site will look for flights from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Because flights at different times of day may be more or less expensive depending upon whether or not they're "rush hour" flights, a lower-priced flight may turn up when you do a search on the airline.

To help you find the best-priced flight combinations we have recently added a new feature that increases the search window beyond four hours. To use this feature make sure the 'Only search for flights within 4 hours of selected times' option is NOT selected on the flight criteria screen. We also suggest when searching for best-priced flights, searching with a couple of different departure times throughout the day. You may find better prices that way.

Car Rental

Why is the car rate seen in availability different than what I booked?

Car rental pricing and inventory is managed by the individual car rental agencies. When the agency confirms a different price, it means that the car rate you requested is not available. The rate you receive is the next available rate.

Does the car price include tax or insurance?

No. All car rates are for the day only. Your final price will differ, due to varying taxes and/or penalty fees. Since every location has different taxes and fees, that amount will be explained when you pick up a car. Insurance is always an extra charge depending on the type of insurance you choose. International car reservations may require a pre-payment and may have a cancellation penalty.

Are there charges for extra drivers?

Yes, there may be. Policies differ from agency to agency on a variety of issues. For instance:

  • Most car rental companies charge extra for drivers under the age of 25.
  • No one under the age of 21 can rent a a car.
  • All renters must have a credit card in their name.

Contact each car rental company for detailed information on their policy.


How does my credit card guarantee my hotel reservation?

When you supply us with your credit card, we pass that number to the hotel. Your hotel reservation will be held until the date and time you indicate you will check in. If you cancel your trip or decide to stay elsewhere, you must cancel your hotel reservation or the hotel may impose a 'no-show' charge.

How do I book more than one room for a vacation?

If more than one room is required, please make a separate reservation for each room, indicating the appropriate number of adults and children per room. You can check the hotel rules screen for occupancy limits. Complete the entire reservation process, including purchase and confirmation for the first room, then return to Travel Planning to complete the process for each additional room required. If all persons will be traveling together, please be sure to choose the same flights and lodging for each reservation.


How will I benefit by carrying an International Driving Permit on my next overseas trip?

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is a document that provides important information from your driver’s license in eleven different languages, including English. This document came into existence by virtue of a treaty signed in 1949 by the United States and other foreign countries. As an official document, the IDP is recognized in over 150 countries today. Carried in conjunction with a regular drivers license, the IDP can help break down language barriers when traveling in non-English speaking countries. In addition, the IDP provides an additional source of identification. The $20 charge for an IDP is a small price to pay for such peace of mind.

Am I required to have an IDP in foreign countries?

There are some countries that do not recognize a drivers license from the United States, but officially recognize an IDP (e.g. Hungary). There are other countries that honor a United States drivers license, but require a local language translation (e.g. Spain). The IDP can satisfy these types of situations. Keep in mind, however, that while a certain country’s government may not require an IDP, car rental companies located in that country, such as Hertz, may require an IDP to rent a car. Purchasing an IDP prior to departure can save a lot of potential hassles.

NOTE: If you are living permanently in a foreign country, even though you may still hold a U.S. state issued driver's license, you must abide by local driver's licensing laws. Many countries require that you obtain a local license once you take up employment and/or residency.

What happens if I am stopped and given a citation against my IDP?

The IDP does not hold any powers of its own apart from your drivers license, and therefore, you do not have a separate driving record with an IDP. The IDP is valid only when carried in conjunction with and acts as a translation of a drivers license. If you are traveling in a foreign country and were to be stopped by a law enforcement officer, your U.S. drivers license and IDP should be presented to the officer. If a citation is issued to you, it will be reflected on the driving record that is with your drivers license.

Since Hong Kong was transferred from Great Britain to China, do I still need an IDP to drive there?

The United Nations recently provided official notification to the U.S. State Department indicating that the treaty which applies to Hong Kong at present will continue to apply to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the name given to the territory by China. Such notification should not be misconstrued to mean that China now recognizes IDPs, as the People’s Republic of China has never become a party to the treaty.

If someone visits the United States from a foreign country and discovers that they need an IDP, can they purchase one from AAA?

An IDP must be issued in the same country as the drivers license of the traveler. Therefore, if someone from the United Kingdom has a U.K. drivers license, their IDP must also be issued in the United Kingdom.

I have a U.S. drivers license, but I am a citizen of another country. Where should I obtain an IDP?

The IDP must be issued in the same country as the drivers license. In the case of a drivers license being issued in the United States, the IDP must also be issued in the United States. Contact your nearest AAA office to obtain an IDP.

If someone has a drivers license from a U.S. territory such as Guam, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, how would an IDP work for them?

Since their drivers license was issued by a U.S. possession, their IDP would also be issued in the United States. Contact a AAA office in the United States, and the IDP can be issued and mailed.

What do I need to obtain an IDP?

You need to complete a brief application form (available through this Internet web site, or your nearest AAA office), provide 2 passport-sized photographs with your signature on the back of them, a photocopy of your valid U.S. issued drivers license, and a check or money order for $20 in U.S. funds. If transacting by mail, these items would need to be mailed to a AAA office in the United States. Otherwise, everything can be handled in a single office visit.

NOTE: If you are currently overseas you can mail your completed application to the following office and address: AAA/IDP, 1000 AAA Dr., Heathrow, FL 32746 Attn: Mailstop #28


Who Can Join?

Teens ages 13 – 17 in Bergen, Passaic and Hudson County that live in the same household as a current AAA North Jersey primary member.

Are T.E.A.M. Program members eligible for road side assistance?

Teens ages 13 -16 are not able to receive roadside assistance, as they are not legally able to drive.

How long is the card valid?

The T.E.A.M. card is valid until the teens 17th birthday (the expiration date will be printed on the card).

How do teens get discounts?

Teens can receive discounts on AMC theatres, Six Flags® and other theme parks by visiting one of our offices, or visit for a full listing of discounts and how to get them.

What happens when the teen turns 17?

The teen will receive a FREE one year associate membership, complete with roadside assistance, provided that they still reside in the same household as a current AAA North Jersey member.

How do I receive updates?

Teens receive updates via the quarterly newsletter or email. These updates will include information about new discounts, benefits and topics that benefit them.

What if the T.E.A.M. card is lost?

Teens can receive a replacement card for a $5 fee by visiting any of our offices; primary members can also call and request a card over the phone.