Roadside Assistance


  • Stolen vehicles - One service call will be provided to a recovered stolen vehicle that is inoperable.
  • Impounded vehicles - service will be provided to an inoperable impounded vehicle if it is not under legal restraints and was not impounded for a legal infraction.
  • AAA does not guarantee the availability of repair facilities within the towing area.
  • Vehicles intentionally driven into areas that are dangerous or inadvisable for regular passenger car travel (beaches, fields, construction sites, unpaved roads, etc.) will not be rendered service and no reimbursement will be provided.
  • Extrication of vehicles parked on streets, driveways, parking lots or alleys which become snowbound, flooded or in an area impassable due to unplowed snow or flooding are not covered under AAA membership and no reimbursement will be provided.
  • Snowbound vehicles will be serviced only if accessible to the service provider. Vehicle must be free of snow and ice. Snow removal is not provided, nor is the installation and/or removal of snow tires.
  • Service in a public garage, service station or dealership, where service is available, will not be covered by AAA. We will not tow in or out of a closed facility.
  • ERS does not include the costs of battery charging, diagnostic expenses, parts, labor, storage fees, tolls (except for Premier members), admin fees, yard fees, taxi or lodging expenses. The Club cannot guarantee that all stations stock parts or are equipped to service or repair every make of domestic or foreign automobile, nor can we guarantee the availability of repair service at our contract garages on holidays, weekends or after business hours.
  • Vehicles carrying a load that could pose as a safety hazard due either to excessive weight or potential shifting of the load are not eligible for service involving lifting of the vehicle (i.e., tire changing, extrications and towing).
  • Only AAA Plus and Premier members are entitled to services requiring medium duty towing equipment.
  • Lockout service does not include removal of after marketing lockout devices such as steering wheel locks, chains, etc.