Roadside Assistance

Eligible Vehicles

Service applies to all properly licensed four wheel motor vehicles (vans, campers and motor homes are eligible, except for towing, extrication/winching and tire service) regardless of license plate designation if service can be safely delivered, (at the Provider’s discretion).

Dual wheel campers/motor homes/RV’s are eligible for all services except towing, extrication/winching and tire service. Dual wheel UNLOADED pickup trucks are eligible for all service except tire service. Rented passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles are eligible for service with the exception of taxi cabs and limousines. Vehicles with dealer plates will be covered for basic road service but will not be covered for towing.

Ineligible Vehicles

Buses, taxicabs, limos, and dump trucks including dual wheel box trucks and terrain vehicles are not eligible for AAA service. In addition, step vans, sprinters, truck and van series 450/4500 and up, attachments such as plows/salters or vehicles being towed to a junkyard or storage facility are not eligible for service.