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Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid has special additives to help protect the rubber hoses and seals located in the steering system. Although some vehicles may use automatic transmission fluid, most manufacturers recommend the use of a specific type of power steering fluid. Refer to your owner’s manual for the fluid that is recommended for your vehicle.

Checking Power Steering Fluid

  • The power steering fluid reservoir usually has a small dipstick attached to the cap.
  • You can check the power steering fluid when the vehicle is cold, but it is more accurate to check the fluid after the vehicle is warmed up.
  • The vehicle should be parked on a level surface with the engine off.
  • Remove the cap from the fluid reservoir and check the fluid level. The level should be within the normal range on the stick. Be sure to read the dipstick marking for either warm or cold levels, depending on your engine’s condition.
  • If you have to add fluid more than once a year, have the system checked for leaks.
  • If you hear a buzzing noise when you turn the steering wheel at slow speeds, that's a warning sign of low power steering fluid.