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Consumer Repair Guide
When Repairs Are Completed

Read over your bill and question any information or charges you don't understand. Insist on descriptions of parts, not just part numbers. The person you dealt with when you brought your car in should be available to answer any questions and explain the service performed.

Arrive to pick up your car at least half an hour before closing time. This gives you the opportunity to test drive your car and bring it back immediately if the problem persists. If you feel a problem persists, ask someone from the shop to accompany you on a road test. Clearly state the correction you want and give the shop the chance to correct any errors or oversights.

If you are really happy, a sincere thank you note recapping the specifics of the repair is a good step in strengthening your relationship with the shop.

If a problem persists, and the owner does not respond to your concerns, contact the Consumer Complaint Division of your state's Attorney General's office and the Better Business Bureau. If the shop participates in the AAA Approved Auto Repair program and you're a AAA member, call AAA and request mediation and arbitration.