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Consumer Repair Guide

No one enjoys taking their car into the shop. It is time-consuming, inconvenient, and even the savviest consumer feels a twinge of paranoia when setting foot in a garage. We worry about dishonesty and incompetence.

The average American spends more than $7,000 on vehicle-related expenses for every 15,000 miles of driving. most of us pull out the checkbook or credit card with the nagging fear that we are being overcharged. One reason we feel exploited: most vehicle owners are unaware of the extensive training and certification automotive technicians undergo throughout their careers, therefore we lack confidence in the technician's ability.

We also lack confidence in our ability to understand and communicate our automotive needs. Study after study reveals that consumers find automotive repair and maintenance experiences stressful.

So, what's a car owner to do? How can you ensure successful and stress free repair and maintenance experiences? This information is designed to help you have a better understanding of the procedures used to repair a vehicle today, the skills and experiences your technician has, and how you can partner with your technician to keep your car on the road.