Tips on Turning

Turning maneuvers are an important part of driving. Below are some tips to keep you safe:

  • Scan the roadway and intersection ahead, and the traffic behind and to your sides.
  • Position your vehicle in the proper lane well in advance of any turn.
  • Signal your intended turn at least 150 feet in advance in urban areas and 300 feet on the open highway.
  • Reduce speed while you scan for traffic in and approaching the intersection.
  • Watch for traffic signs, signals and pavement markings that may direct you in the turning movement.
  • Delay your turn if you can't make it from the proper lane, if vehicular volume is too heavy or if traffic control devices prohibit it.
  • Yield to other vehicles and pedestrians in the intersection as necessary when you make the turn.
  • Steer through the turn using the push/pull steering method and look where you want the vehicle to go.
  • Accelerate to a safe operating speed. Be sure your turn signal is off, and position your vehicle in the proper lane.