Tips for the Young Bike Riders in Your Family

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 85 million adults and children ride their bikes every day. Most communities have bike safety programs that encourage motorists and cyclists to share the road safely and promote the use of bike helmets. However, despite education and outreach efforts, accidents happen. Every year, 500,000 cyclists end up making an emergency room visit, according to NHTSA.

Protect your children by sharing these 12 tips for bike safety - and refresh your own knowledge of bike safety.

  1. Tell an adult if anything is broken or wrong with your bike.
  2. Always wear a bicycle safety helmet.
  3. Wear brightly colored clothing so that others can see you better.
  4. Remember, one seat, only one rider!
  5. Keep both hands on the handlebars.
  6. Walk your bike across busy intersections.
  7. Look left, right, left for traffic at stop signs and driveways before riding out into the street.
  8. Obey traffic signs and lights.
  9. Ride on the right-hand side of the street in the same direction as the flow of automobile traffic.
  10. Always use hand signals when stopping or turning.
  11. Be aware of surrounding traffic.
  12. When riding with others, ride single file.

Want More Information?

  • Your AAA club can provide additional information and educational materials about safe cycling in your community.